Hailey Picture

Daughter of Hermes
Killer Style: I prefer to stay true to my roots, with golden robes and sweet sandals. I also try to encourage my friends, whom I've known all my life, to do the same. Bit do they listen? No..
Freaky flaw: Sometimes, I can't exactly control the wings on my sandals, and suddenly, poof! There I go, speeding of to who knows where..
Favorite food: I especially adore greek salads with fish.
Biggest pet peeve: When Zoe doesn't appreciate my efforts for her..
Pet: i have the cutest little blue jay named "Galan"!
Favorite activity: I absolutely love running errands for Miss Zoe, daughter of Zeus. I look up to Zoe in every way!
Favorite School Subject: Physical Deaducation. I love being able to show off my speed!
Least favorite School Subject: History. Being alive 16,000 years, you kind of know everything.
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