gany hyan Picture

oc's..sorta. based off of ganymede and hyancinthus. greek mythology biotch. Not my style but still, I luvs them. theyre based off of what i'vee heard them described as. ganymede is shown with longish wavy blonde hair. hyancinthus supposedly has black hair..and he was probably tanner..where as gany was pampered.

anywho the basis for this ..ganymede was a prince of troy..where as hyancinthus was a prince of sparta. they..might not of gotten along well if they met...even if ganymede was with zeus and hyancinthus was with apollo...

all this proves is while I suck at most things, I suck hardest at hair..

ganymede, hyancinthus @.....ancient greeks? fuck I dont know. Minoans hell..
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