Reaii Region 2: Starters Picture

Professor Manele hands these three starters out to the trainers of the Reaii Region.

Grasio (Grass + Io)
The Autumn Calf Pokemon
Grasio are only born during the fall season and are almost always female. Several seeds form and release on their bodies, making it a highly sought after pokemon amongst farmers.

Fantagi (Elephant + Agni)
The Regal Pokemon
Weeks after a Fantagi is born, it instinctively break off its small tusk and forges it into a sword with its fire. The jewels that grow on its ears and trunk are hot enough to melt metal.

Goreddy (Gorilla + Eddy)
The Deep swim pokemon
Goreddy can only be hatched in water and unable to live on land until weeks after they are born. The tubes on their arms weigh ten times that of their body and spin when water attacks are released.

Starters of my fake region. My first attempt at Sugimori style =_=...seriously need to read a tutorial on the coloring.

Still, thinking up these guys were pretty fun some notes if someone didn't know:
Io is a woman turned into a heifer by zeus in greek mythology

Eddy is the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid flows past an obstacle.

Agni is a hindu diety associated with fire and sacrifices.
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