hades Picture

so, i'm going to be making some comics on deviant art about the greek gods. i always immagined them as teenagers, since they're always goofing off and act on impulse. this is my rough sketch of hades (the body is a little unproportionate, but i'll fix that later).
in the comic i'm about to write, we meet Hades, who is an emmotional wreck ever since that disney movie Hercules made him look like a bad guy. the story then turns into how he meets Persephone, kidnaps her (because THAT makes sence...) and bla bla bla. we also see Hermes, who turns out to be a cleptomaic drama queen, and zeus, who makes you wonder how he knows what year it is.
it's all total randomness, but i really want to continue the series i started in seventh grade! (also this might give good opertunities to people like me who have to do a mythology project and can only find expicit pictures!)
please comment!
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