Greek Myth Picture

First of all, sorry I still haven't gone through my deviations. I still have about 400. XD So don't think I'm ignoring anyone. :3 You can bet I'll get them all done during the summer though.

Anyway, I like this part the best XD Particularly the peacock. But I could have done better. Oh well.

This was done for an English project; we had to do something related to Greek Mythology, so I decided to do a poster of their animals. XD Except the gods and goddesses have a lot of different animals, so I just picked one.

Zeus is the eagle
The peacock is Hera
The cattle with the Caduceus is Hermes
The bunny is Aphrodite
Artemis is the deer
Hephaestus is the donkey/mule
the owl is Athena

Taken with a camera; sorry Its so blurry. TT.TT So it's best in small view

Here's the rest of the poster

Art is mine
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