Holy Congregation Picture

It would be colored too, but I have to write a report for Independent French II. >.<

Anyway, I TOTALLY forgot to mention in my journal that yesterday I was four pageviews away from 10,000!!!!! And I checked today and I have... 10,007!!!!! I've hit the quintuple digits! YES!!!

So I wasted two hours trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. I thought about drawing just a picture full of happiness and partying...but I'm incapable of drawing a variety of happy faces. So I tried a few stuff, failed... And then this popped into my head. I realized I didn't have a single picture drawn with all of my Major Gods. So I fixed that problem! ^.^

Alright, let's tackle what's going on. In some mythologies you have a place where all the gods meet. Mount Olympus, for example. But what do they do when they're there? Just...boring god stuff. How do they contact all the gods and decide on stuff? I just don't see how that can happen without going through a crap-load of trouble. So in my mythology, things are much simpler and more probable. Whenever the sovereign gods and goddesses need to discuss things amongst one another, Helios and/or Zeus will hold a board meeting.

In such a meeting, which is typically held about once a month, the gods and goddesses will communicate with eachother about how their domains are going. That way, all the gods and goddesses can know what's going on with the other gods and goddesses. Also at the board meeting Helios and/or Zeus will address problems or give statistics about how each domain is holding up. These statistics can range from how many people worship the domain to how much money the sovereigns are making. For example, if you peek at one of Gaia's papers, there's a pie chart telling that roughly one-third of the universe's population is alive, one-third is dead, and one-third is something else (i.e. pending judgement, undead, etc.). The gods and goddesses will also explain their plans for the upcoming month. For example, some of the papers Typhon has are requests for permission to experiment on such and such. Some of the others are financial ones, such as the one giving the monetary profit of Time.

I guess it should be noted that not everybody has received their papers yet.

From the bottom-left going clockwise the gods at the table and their domains are:
Ares (action), Sage (mind), Venusi (ecology), Mercury (chemistry), Helios (space), Zeus (economy and government), Typhon (affiliation and time), Gaia (life), Poseidon (hydrolics), Hades (phenomenon)

Oh, and all the giant gods shrunk themselves so that they'd fit. Well, almost fit (poor Helios and Zeus have to squish together).

THANK YOU EVERYBODY for giving me 10,000 PAGEVIEWS!!!!
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