Whimsicott Picture

Attempted to paint in the lines, instead of ink them. Not to good. I do like how the body looks though with three main colors then blending and highlights. May have to use that style again. It is, for some reason, very blurry... didn't look like that while working on it, but it may just be the change in size and format. Oh well.

This is another member of my main team in game (not-meta) which is:

Aegir the Samurott
Agni the Darmanitan
Seth the Yamask (I don't like the evolved form)
Zeus the Galvantula
Hermes the Crustle (names a joke because it's slow as crap)
Loki the Whimsicott.

...As you can probably tell, I'm into mythology and religion. My character's name is Deus.
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