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For this particular fan-made series of Digimon, digivolving has a different process compared to that of the original show. When digimon first digivolve, they store information within their memory unit allowing them to digivolve at will without the use of their partners or any other catalyst (such as calamon). This further supports the justified theory that digimon, when first created, had been given the ability to adapt and evolve into higher and more intelligent beings. Being able to store memory and data and use it at will is also a sign of further evolution of all digital beings in the digital world. Although it maybe convenient for certain digimon to be able to store data and put it to beneficial use, it also has a disadvantage. Digimon must first process and upload the stored data within their memory, which takes energy and power to do. And if successful, the data in question may only appear half as powerful as it should be.


Devaramon is the ultimate-level form of Felobomon, taking the powers and strength of a legendary demon in chinese fiction. Although she doesn't portray the resemblance of any particular mythological entities in existence, her powers and attacks are a pure combination of both spirituality and flame. Felobomon first obtained her ultimate form by finally accepting full responsibility of her and Mina's past actions that caused harm to other people and finally working together with Luraimon and Toshaki to stop a digital human-made program called "Dark Lite" from terrorizing an entire residential province in America. Mina, having also taken blame for her past actions, had finally awaken the Blue Card in order for Felobomon to digivolve into her ultimate form. It was then when they had finally decided to fight on the side of justice rather than to appease their personal desire for power. Although Mina is still in conflict of whether she should fight alongside Toshaki or not, her choice had affected Felobomon's ability to digivolve.

Soul Roar - A deafening roar powerful enough to knock back foes bigger than 3-story buildings. Sometimes, if at just the right sound-wave this attack can also disrupt its target's data freezing them and weakening them for a short time.
Reckless Awakening - With the use of her Demon Zokuno Blades, she emits an aura around them which will help her deal 3x as much damage in a single slash. It also greatly improves her strength, stamina, and speed. The "Reckless Awakening" modification card is required for this attack.
Meteo Blast - A large, explosive fireball attack that can deal great damage upon impact.


Shinzokumon is the ultimate-level form of Luraimon and is his peak form in the areas of strength, agility, and speed along with the immense electric power great enough to power an entire town. His attacks and speed are all also greatly amplified by the use of his electric elements giving him an edge in battle. His two katana blades are partially the source of his electric powers, and in order to activate and amplify his movements and attacks, he MUST have them unsheathed. Shinzokumon first came into being when Luraimon had first seen Toshaki almost getting beaten to death by his Kung-Fu enemy, Yo Feng. Apparently, Yo Feng and Toshaki had taken Martial Arts training together in the same class and has personally bared hatred towards each other due to personal matters. And up until present day, Yo Feng had finally smite a great Shaolin master in the dead of night and killed many others (including his former classmates). He'd finally challenged Toshaki and he accepted with honor. It resulted in him being badly beaten almost to the point of horrific torture and even Yo Feng's superiors were unable to stop him because of how truly powerful he'd become. Luraimon grew angry as he could do nothing but watch for a while until he'd had enough and stopped the match. At that moment, the blue card appeared next to Toshaki's digivice in his home. Luraimon and Toshaki lived a life where they thought fighting for peace and justice was the right cause, but only of formal placement (which means they thought they should only act upon duty and under lawful authority). Toshaki's near-death battle was the perfect opportunity for Luraimon to prove to himself that he also fights through the act of emotion to protect his friends and family and not just of good will.

Lightning Cage - Can summon electric chains to form around a certain area to trap and deal electric damage to the target .
Zeus' Gate - Shinzokumon's Ultimate Attack. Summons a thunder storm through the swaying of the electric katana blades to conjure a single destructive lightning bolt strike upon the target. How much damage is dealt depends on how much power is charged and condensed in the strike.
Shock Blast - A large, disruptive electric ball attack that can deal great damage upon impact.


And there you have it. Luraimon and Felobomon do not digivolve anywhere past these forms. I'm pretty sure they're as strong as they need to be in order to face their problems.
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