-Goddess of Battle- Picture

'Tis Athena! My favorite of the mythological goddesses. We had to draw a god or goddess during our mythology section in ELA and I chose Athena. I love her. Goddess of Battle and Wisdom. I made a poster of her with a friend and people in our class had to vote which god or goddess they wanted to rule mt. Olympus instead of Zeus. It was a tie between me and someone else. People voted for me because of the drawing mostly. Everyone else just looked up pictures online and put them on their posters. (yay for me)

I wanted to make her pretty. She may have been the goddess of war but myths also say that she was one of the most beautiful goddesses. I love her!!!

btw. I have something to confess. I stole the design for the mask from the manga Les Bijoux. Athena didn't really wear a half-mask but you have to admit that she looks good in one.
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