Hold Your Colours Picture

In Greek mythology, though Pegasus was known as many things, one of them was the horse of the Muses. The Muses (the Goddesses of science, art and inspiration and daughters of Zeus) didn't want to live normal lives so they instead dedicated their lives to expression and creation.

The lotus flower represents the chakras, energy centers in our body. They are said to open up and blossom as we reach different levels of awareness. The 'lotus position' is a well known meditative position. Chakras are represented in the colours of the rainbow, and colours are different wavelengths of light.

The dragon represents many things including nobility, wisdom, overcoming obstacles, and divinity. Also, the colours really contrast the lightness of Pegasus. I'm a libra and I'm sitting in between the two, I think this brings an element of balance to the picture.

The castle wall has a depiction of the tower of Babylon. So the story goes, this is a tower that man tried to build in order to reach the heavens. God was not happy so he made them all speak different languages to confuse them.

The picture depicts people trying to build a tower and climb to heaven. They're falling down in confusion, because they can't communicate and have no understanding of one another.

The graffiti is coming out of that, which to me represents breaking through those barriers to speak a language we all have the ability to understand, which is art. Expression.

To me, this is true divinity.

The name, "Hold Your Colours" is inspired by a Pendulum song.
"Hold your colours against the wall"


The graffiti is by Daim: [link]

The tower of Babylon: [link]

Horse: [link]

Clouds: [link]

Castle: [link]

Dress: [link]

Socks: [link]
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