Castor And Pollux Picture

Castor and Pollux (or the Dioscuri) in mythology are half divine twins, the strange product of Zeus's philanderings with their mother, Leda, in the form of a swan. Since she'd also lain with her real, mortal husband, she gave birth to twins (one of the myths has her laying an egg, poor woman-twins and an egg? jeez). One was born mortal and the other divine, but they couldn't bear to be separated so Zeus let them share divinity. As Homer says in the Odyssey,
"both buried now in the life-giving earth though still alive.
Even under the earth Zeus grants them that distinction:
one day alive, the next day dead, each twin by turns
they both hold honours equal to the gods"

Anyway, I was noodling around with vector graphics and T-shirt designs (possible threadless submissions) in photoshop and ended up with this (funny how those things happen, right?). I ended up thinking about twins and incorporating a lot of twin things into the pic (the yin and yang for example). The Japanese word "futagoza" (the characters) are incorporated-it's a rough translation of "gemini". I was originally going to just call them just "The Twins" but then I thought of the castor and pollux thing and there it went. They're kind of androgynous spikey cat things, but I like them.

Also, thoughts on whether this would be a good t-shirt design or not, would be helpful. thanks!

photoshop cs, (c) 2007
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