Prometheus Picture

A despondent figure moves purposelessly through an endless lake of volatile ichor, invading his sickly form are the tubes of a machine. Its thoughts, memories and knowledge are extracted from its mind. A life support tube keeps the figure operational, another tube provides stimuli for the mind to react to; the sensations of pain, disease, loss and hopelessness. The mask hides a face thousands of years old, contorted with anguish and suffering.

A Science-Fiction inspired take on the Greek mythological story of Prometheus the Titan. Stealing fire from Zeus to give to mortals, Prometheus was then punished by being chained to a boulder while a great eagle consumed his regenerative liver every day. Additionally, Zeus cursed mortals with Pandora and her opening of the box, releasing evil into the world.

Heavily inspired by the matrix, I wanted to explore the consequences of our reliance on machines and technology, how this gift is now inseparable from most of society. I also wanted to comment on the anonymity, loneliness and the lack of purpose that I feel is common in the modern lifestyle.
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