Touch of Atlas Picture

"Centuries ago, the Titans rebelled to reclaim their lost position from the Olympians. The Olympians have lost many of their worshipers, leaving them more vulnerable. However the Titans still remained bounded and trapped... Except for a select few. Prometheus has been punished for his deeds for humanity by Zeus, a quick tempered and impatient god that would misinterpret his own mistakes and selfish actions to his followers. When the opportunity came, it was he who planned the revolt. But it was actually a more brave Ares who took actions first. Sick of taking often mistreatment from his father, more so than his siblings and fellow gods, he struck at the lock that bore the gates preventing the Titans from escaping. The strike bore such power that there was a massive flash that reached up to the peak of Olympus and a sound that shook the world drawing all possible attention on him. But what was unexpected is that after this happened many of the gods, instead of backing up Zeus, decided to side AGAINST him. Many who would side with him suddenly took the side of Ares; It was expected somewhat due to his unfair treatment to everyone but him... And with him at a weak point, it was the perfect opportunity. Atlas of course, chose the side of Titans, along with others such as Hades, Prometheus, Ares, Hephaestus, Poseidon, and many more.

Soon into the war between the Olympians and Titans, Atlas was injured after finishing some business with Heracles. It left him without his right hand and , being one of the major combatants in the revolt, the others looked into mending the problem before it made a bigger affect on the war. It was then when Prometheus and Hephaestus collaborated and created a unique replacement forged from the sky, and was then branded with the letter alpha. It was the first of many of the Titan's Prosthetics that would be made. It also was considered one of the most, if not the most, powerful created, especially since it was made to parry and catch the devastating lightning bolts of Zeus. The sky metal indeed paid off... But it left a small part of the world to be devoured by a darkness, and would soon home the future mainstream worshipers of the Greek Mythology on Archipelagos north of the UK."
-Tsala on the Beginning of the Titanic Revolt and the creation of the Touch of Atlas.
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