Demeter Picture

The Goddess of Agriculture and wheat: Demeter!

Yes...this is a Goddess of great importance to the ancient Greeks. Why? Because they needed her in order to eat silly! lol Anyway...according to legend, when her daughter Persephone was snatched away by Hades to become his bride, Demeter....well- Demeter had a fit. A hell raising, famine causing fit. lol She was so distraught over the loss of her daughter that she cast a spell on the land so nothing would grow. (Ie Winter) Seeing the damage this caused, Zeus worked out a deal with Hades - Turn over Persephone to her mother for part of the year, then she could live with Hades for the other half.

Hmm...theres also something about Persephone having eaten pomergranite seeds while down in the underworld- preventing her from leaving or something like that - I'm sure that fits into the story somewhere also. lol's really late and my brain is broken. Heehee

Anyway, Demeter is for November for my Mythology Calendar. (November is the month of harvest, so it makes sense : )


Media: Ink/Photoshop
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