Two Greek Myths Picture

This was a project for school. We had to take a 3D cone and sphere and make them into stuff, using lots of color and our techniques in class. I chose to go with a Greek mythology sort of theme and present my two favorite myths; Laelaps and Sysyphus.

Laelaps was a dog that would catch anything that it went after. It started chasing a fox, which unfortunately was the fox that could never be caught. This was a contradiction that threatened to destroy the universe, so Zeus turned the two into stone.

Sysyphus was a poor guy who had to push a boulder up a hill every day. The next day, it had slid all the way down and he had to start all over. He got sick and told his wife to have the town stone him to death. He didn't think his wife would actually listen to him, but she did. Sysyphus ended up in the land of the dead and then escaped, but got in big trouble for doing so. He was forced to push that boulder up the cliff in the underworld as punishment.
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