queen of the underworld Picture

2/30.. sooo behind.

This is a gorgon, as most of you have probably figured out. This is my version of a gorgon. I don't see gorgons as beautiful women with supermodel bodies and just snakes for hair. Real gorgons have wings and a hideous face of EVIL. And bronze claws. I couldn't help but make this gorgon semi-pretty, though. WHOOPS.

Anyways.. Gorgons, as you know, are creatures with venomous serpents for hair, bronze claws, and wings. They have the ability to steal power from the gods and they can also petrify all who look into their eyes. Particular examples of gorgons are, of course, Medusa and her sisters Euryale and Stheno, but not all gorgons were female! The only male gorgon was named Nanas, and he was the guardian of Zeus. I bet he never lived that down, hah.

If you can imagine, my gorgon's snakes make cute squeaky sounds. Just 'cause. :3

.05 mech pencil
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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