The Banshee Picture

She is nicknamed the Banshee, a creature in Irish mythology who shrieks.

Little about her identity is known. She haunts people and scares them to death, sometimes latterly. It starts when people have nightmares with her in it. The victims don't think much about it. But then they start "hallucinating" her, where she lets only the victim to see her. Soon she creates illusions like blood oozing off the walls, and making people look like cannibalistic monsters.
For example, a Scyther, who is friends with Esther, O' Riley ,Keith, Zeus, and Sheer, was a victim of her. He was eventually sent to an asylum for being psychotic and paranoid.

She also screams a terrible scream into people's ears when they're alone and in the dark.
Some have a heart attack and die on the spot. Hence her name, the Banshee.

She does have eyes, but they're hidden in the picture. Also, ignore "latterly" . I couldn't spell the word right and auto-correct made that word.
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