Custom 10th Muse Picture

Another old one.

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I went to the Portland comicon where I met President/Editor-in-Chief of Blue Water Comics, Darren Davis. He wanted his characters Idolized in plastic. First up is 10th Muse.

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters
of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one--the Tenth Muse. Emma, Brett
and Dawn were the best of friends -- until Emma disappeared, leaving only
a note saying goodbye. Now, eight years later, Emma is back, without answers.
What happened to Emma? What is her connection with Grayson Bishop, and, most
of all, how did ordinary Emma Sonnet become the mysterious TENTH MUSE?
Introducing The Tenth Muse, a new kind of super-hero saga unlike anything
you've ever seen before. A mystery. An action series. A character- driven
saga that will bring you to the edge of your seat. See if you can unravel
the mystery of The 10th Muse.

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~ ML Psylocke Base.
~ Hand braded pony tail sculpted into retooled psylocke hair (sturdy)
~ sculpted knee caps and bisep straps
~ fore arm guards made from Darice Foimies sheets
~ Legs straps made from Bullseye leg pouches and sinister cape strips
~ Belt made from sinister cape strips
~ line design on her top was is my wire housing technique
~ Repainted Moon Knight bow staff
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