SPOILER ALERT (Super Villain Island) Picture

Dr. Jupiter's WHO, again?!

*laughs timidly* This was the drawing I told you about in my journal. I've made it shortly after I finished Super Villain Island. When I first found out about it through playing SVI, I jumped out of my chair (more or less literally). I've had a lot of history with Mythology Island (it's the first island I've ever witnessed releaase open to members and then to the public), and... yeah. Towards the end, Zeus stole the returning four's spotlights and made the island almost a little too much like a sequel to Mythology Island. I wish the original returning four (The villains that are actually ORIGINAL) kept their spotlights shining on them. But Super Villain Island is still practically my favorite island (and no, that's not only because my Greek mythology favoritism is getting the best of me... okay maybe it is).

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