JLA CHRONICLES: Atlas Diana Jackson Picture


Name: Diana Jackson
Moniker: Atlas
Age: early 20s
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Hairstyle: Long
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned

Diana Jackson is the daughter of single mother Polly Erics-Jackson. Diana's father, a Greek sailor, died when she was very young, and she was raised in San Francisco, CA. She lived a normal life, until the age of thirteen. She started to hit puberty, and the day she had her first period, she could not get up from bed. When she finally did, she collapsed, stating she was to heavy to carry herself. She was diagnosed with an hereditary glandular disorder called Holloway-Byrne's Disorder, which is the hyperactive over-development of her endocrine system; without scheduled hormone therapy sessions, Diana would suffer the negative effects of accelerated development. Wanting to get better, 7-year-old Diana and her mother agreed to move into a research hospital run by a government branch called C.A.D.M.U.S., free of charge; the only one of these that studies rare hereditary diseases is located on a pair of islands in the US territory known as the Ulang Archipelago for treatments. During one of these appointments, Polly ended up hearing about one of these projects, called the Steel Soldier Project. After researching, and horrified by the results she found, Polly was about to pull her daughter out of the project. However, after realising that taking her out of her treatments would end up killing her, she kept the secret to herself. As Diana grew older, her treatments became more effective, and she would only have to return during her summers off from school.
Once she finished school, she ended up becoming a CIA agent. Twice a year, she would return from her schedule to receive her treatments. Diana is currently dating Air Force pilot Steve Trevor.
In 2008, Diana and Steve were at the launch of the Space Shuttle Paradise, when the shuttle began smoking and careening off course. With the disaster impending, Diana's adrenaline kicked in and she found herself hijacking a stealth bomber in a suicidal attempt to save the crew. Unable to activate the guns to loosen the external tank and lighten the load, Diana ejected herself, landed on the shuttle and detached it with her bare hands! She disappeared into the Texan coast as the shuttle crashed landed into the same body of water, the crew still alive. Steve was grateful that Diana had survived and she realized what she could really do with her strength. She was awarded a Metal of Valor by the President of the United States and offered a job as a personal agent.
After working for the president for two years and finding out that the government caused Superman to repel against them, Diana hacked the computers and found the secret that C.A.D.M.U.S. and her own mother were hiding from her for years: they were going to use Diana's rare disease to create a super-soldier army. Horrified by this, she destroyed the bases at Ulang Archipelago and met with Superman to help stop an impeding threat to the world.

* Diana in her casual getup. Just normal Diana out and about.
* Diana in her Rogue Agent getup. Here, her suit is comprised of a grey tangtop and brown pants with a utility belt. She also wears two experimental, bullet-proof bracelets and her dogtags. She also wears a black and red jacket over it.
* Diana in her Atlas getup. After permanently starting the Justice League, she creates this costume based on Greek mythology and uses a high tech bow and arrow.

* San Fransisco, CA = Gateway City
* Ulang Archipelago = Paradise Island
* I am not sexist, but I am not a big fan of Wonder Woman. The idea of Paradise Island never made sense to me. So, I created her as a government agent. She does not work for C.A.D.M.U.S., but the President himself.
* I rattled in my mind for forever the idea of her actually being the half daughter of Zeus, but I went against it for ~Red-Rum-18's idea for it: she has a disease that increases her muscle density.
* Diana has a younger sister named Donna.
* Diana here does not use the golden Lasso of Truth, but rather an a bow and arrow, with gold arrows.
* The last name Prince is too obvious and has too many simularities to Green Arrow (Queen). So I changed it to Jackson, which I got from Percy Jackson because of the ties to mythology.
* Paradise Island is actually a government research project fronted by C.A.D.M.U.S. to help Diana control her powers using experimental Purple-Rays. However, this is a front: they are trying to use Diana's rare disease to create super-soldiers.

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