Pantheon - Dionysus Picture

Dionysus - God of Wine, Theater, Revelry and Ecstasy. It's argued about as to whether he's a member of the Pantheon or not, but I decided to include him. Due to the frenzy of the rites for him, many people tried to outlaw it. The worshippers usually consumed great amount of wine and had wild orgies. Some attempted to imprison them, only to find that chains would fall off of him, and prison doors would not close on him. When one group tried to take him out on a boat in order to sell him into slavery, he turned the masts and oars into snakes, filled the boat with vines and flute music, and the sailors went insane and threw themselves into the sea, where they were turned into dolphins. It was Dionysus' mother who asked to see Zeus' real form. Sadly, she was pregnant with Dionysus at the time, and when she died Zeus took the fetus and sewed it into his thigh, only to release Dionysus when he was grown, resulting in the name of "Twice-Born".

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