Walfalized Mythology: pt1 Picture

I'm really into mythology and tend to do a lot of research on various gods/heroes of myth in my free time, so I thought I'd walfalize some of my more favorite ones.

Fenrir, The End Incarnate
Portrayed here gender-swapped into a girl, Fenrir is probably my favorite god, and perhaps one of the strongest to exist. Chained by the fetter Gleipnir, a silken thread forged by the Dwarves to be as strong as creation itself, Fenrir continued to grow in size and strength. When his two sons, Hati and Skoll, successfully chase down and swallow the moon and the sun, Fenrir will become large enough that the bottom of its maw will scrap the earth and the top of its maw will reach heaven itself. He'll rescue his brother Jormungandr from the endless oceans and his sister Hel from the fetid underworld and will bring about the end, killing the king of kings.

I have a sort of fan-fic-situation where in an alternate reality, instead of seeking vengeance on the gods that imprisoned him he's just finally happy to be free and doesn't care about taking revenge, so that's what this Fenrir will mostly likely be like if I ever use her in a story (I might).


Athena. Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of War</u>
Zeus' most beloved child, he allowed Athena to regularly make use of his impervious Aegis and is the only other god Zeus trusted enough to let borrow the mighty Thunderbolts, the most powerful and destructive weapons known to the Greek Parthenon. Unlike Ares, who represents the might, power, and ruthlessness of war, Athena represents the strategy and knowledge required to win wars. Once there was a small city-state that did not have many soldiers, so instead it focused on battle tactics and strategies and became so powerful that it was one of the only threats to the mighty forces Sparta. This city-state adopted Athena as its patron god and became known as Athens. Athena is frequently associated with an owl, and also has an adopted snake, hence why I chose Sanae's hair.


The Morrigan. We Witches Three</u>
A tri-part goddess of Ireland who represented war and strife, but also fertility, for the rotting corpses of those who fall in battle against enemies or hunger return nutrients to the soil. She is often thought of as the Irish version of the Valkyrie. Her three components are often represented by a raven, a cow, and an eel. Obviously the horns represent the cow and the wings represent the raven, but initially I couldn't think of a way to get the eel in there, but then I realized that the body I had chosen was actually Mystia's! So there you go.

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