Hephaestus: Ch06-END Picture

And so does Chapter 6, and the Origins saga, come to an end.
Sorry if this took a while to get out as I had finals and projects that made my free time less as of late.

Just a side note, when I originally made the Hephaestus series, the Origins chapters were what came as the first story I wanted to tell. After all, there are a number of notable interpretations and tellings of the Hephaestus story, but few touch on Hephaestus' relations with Thetis and those he cared about. While I do have other things in mind in terms of stories related to the Hephaestus series, this set of six chapters were definitely what I originally planned when the series began.

Granted, if someday I stop midway with the Hephaestus comics, I personally would like you all to remember the first six chapters as what i originally planned.
I hope to continue to entertain you all in the near future.

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