parent's approval... Picture

introducing demetria (demi), a water nymph who's parents decided to dedicate her to Demeter, but demi seems to be more dedicated to her partner in crime persephone. demi's not goth/emo. she's also interested in joining a band, however, with her unnatural colored hair (electric green, like those kiddie crayola markers), no one on olympus is willing to take her in. maybe she'll have better luck in the underworld.

okay, so half of you are probably thinking "that's nice, now explain the other half of the pic!" and here's the explanation....

in some cultures, if not many/all, you need the parent's approval to marry/date. since hades' parents are the same as demeter's/zeus' parents, and since kronos eated them at one point, it was decided that they didn't [i]really[i/] need kronos' permission.

then there was demeter.

ah, fair demeter, older sister of hades, zeus, and posiden, and who's wrath made many a gods wish they weren't immortal.

mainly cuz she was an overprotective mom.

ANYWAYS back to the explanation, basically demeter just blew it but decided to go easy on hades anyways, putting all her might into hitting him with a paper fan

i'm having way too much fun writing this.
left to right: demetria (the one w/ the mohawk.); persephone; demeter (back); hades (front); zeus.

demetria, persephone, demeter, zeus, and hades (c) me
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