Star Gazer Picture

Pegesus, I think around here that's one mythology that doesn't need explanation. When the monster medusa was slain, from her blood came a winged colt. He was sent to the muses to be raised until he was needed, and there he gained the freindship of the youngest of the muses and the only one who could not sing. As the years passed and pegasus grew he was given to a young hero, Bellerophon (I think), whose deeds I can't remember, but as he grew old he believed that he deserved to be a god himself and so he tried o ride pegasus to the peek of mt. olympus. Enraged by the man's audacity zeus sent a simple bee to sting pegasus so that both he and his rider would fall down to earth and die. Afraid for pegasus, the muse followed after him. She found him lying on the ground dying and where his hooves had struck the earth a spring had started to flow. After drinking the water from the spring she found that she was finally able to sing and so she sang a lament for her friend. Hearing her voice for the first time zeus came down to earth to find his daughter and she begged him to save pegasus, but it was too late. Rather than letting pegasus die however, he allowed him to live forever among the stars high above the world.
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