Entering the Battlefield Picture

My first pen submission, created at three in the morning after finishing History homework and wanting to draw something.

This is Ailouroeidis entering the battlefield with her uncle, Amatus. Her father Ares was already in battle and so she and her uncle are entering together. Funnily enough, Ailouroeidis is older than Amatus, but since Amatus is a child of Zeus and therefore the sibling of her parents, he's her uncle. I'll post up Amatus' profile sometime in the future, so until then all you can know about him is that he's another original character, the child of Zeus and a Dryad born mortal near time of the beginning of the Roman Empire, who was brought to Olympus by Ailouroeidis upon death via execution. Why was he executed? You'll have to wait and see.

Note: The name beside Amatus is just his name in Greek, and the same goes for Ailouroeidis with the text above her head.
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