Hera - Queen of the Gods Picture

In Greek mythology Hera is the queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage, Royalty, Scheming, Protectress of Women, Patron Challenges and Fertility. She was the Patron Goddess of Argos and Samos and, at the Bronze Age, probably Olympia.

The cuckoo is her favored bird after the peacock, because it was in the form of a small and hurt cuckoo in the middle of a violent storm that Zeus conquered Hera's heart. The pomegranate is one of her mystery symbols of which we know little (yes, I know that neither pomegranate tree flowers nor leaves are like portrayed). In her hand she holds the staff of power, symbol of royalty, complemented by her crown on which figures a stylized peacock tail.

Though in Homer and the following poets she is portrayed as an awful wife, jealous and puny, the same is not true regarding her cult, a powerful and extensive one with thousands of people adoring her as a mother Goddess. There is a funny theory that Homer first portrayed Her this way because he didn't like his own wife (we know that Hesiod altered some of the original mythology because of this same reason).
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