Ever Loyal Hermes... Picture

Ever loyal Hermes.
The messenger, the servant, hiding behind his reputation as a trickster.
He rarely spoke of his own feelings, of his humiliation at the hands of Zeus or of his undying devotion to his master that went so much further than just that of master and servant.
But then in a way he was glad that Hades would never return those feelings, considering what happened to those Hades professed to love.
Still, that didn't keep him from wishing.

That above has to be my favorite quote in the world. I don't know who said it or why or when, but I just love it. XD Greek mythology makes my world go round, it's an obsession of my mine, and Hermes has to be my favorite of the gods. I love the thought that there's a little family drama going on in there, makes me smile. >u<

Oh, and Hades is my second favorite. XD I love Percy Jackson, even though they get a little wrong. But it's such a blast to read/watch. They did very well. >u<

This picture did not have a ref. I'm only saying this cause it impressed Lauren so THERE. Realism for ya'll. Don't say I can't. XD

The skin was probably the most fun, though I had a little hiccup there. XD;; Did the hair on the skin layer so I had to erase and redo the skin, then fix the hair. But now it looks even better and makes me smile >u< I'll probably end up doing several more pics in this style. XD It's too much fun. Takes a while, but a blast.

The hair turned out so much better than I thought it would. Halfway through, it looked messy and lazy and just overall suckish. But then I added some thinner strands, highlights, and darker sections to divide it up and I'm proud to say it now looks curly. >u< Makes me happy~

The glow was to make shit more interesting. I have the flat white bg, and might do something with it, but so far, it's just white. Maybe I'll have a stroke of genius later on, I don't know.

And now, I'm gonna go curl up in a ball and die. Cause shots suck. Humans weren't meant to be injected in the chest. It's why there's so little muscle and then bone. Ow.

Hermes and Hades (c) the Greeks
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