Phrixus Ref Picture

God, I'm lazy ;; I had the outline from Phonos and Dus' mom laying around, so I edited the horns etc to make it match what I had in mind. I saw a brindle Alkyre and thought, 'Why not merle?' So here is a red harlequin merle! Yes, they exist c:

So yes, my lazy self presents to you.. Phrixus. At 4 AM. FML. Secondly, I'm so so sorry he is so complicated XD I took my time and chose the markings I wanted carefully so if you ever draw him, try to get him as close as possible ;; He's meant to look this way.

Name: Phrixus -- meaning 'thrilling, causing shivers,' derived from Phrixo meaning 'ripple, shiver.' In Greek mythology, he escaped from Zeus on the back of a ram.
Gender: M
Age: 20
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 500 lbs.
Markings: While he is almost 50% white, it is second generation so he doesn't have pure markings.
Pack: Phonos, Dusan, Ceres.
Parents: N/A
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