Zodiac Warriors - 2 - Taurus Picture

Mythology: Taurus (tauros in Greek) represents one of the oldest of the Western Zodiac, represented in the oldest zodiac (the Akkadian and Babylonian) as the first sign, pushing the year into being. In the more familiar, Greek zodiac, Taurus is the personification of the god Zeus, who took the form of a bull to seduce the maiden Europa and carried her across the Mediterranean to escape the wrath of Hera.

Weapon: A battleaxe, in this case styled after the American lumberjack's traditional double-bit head, is a large, impressive weapon. It is here shown with a long haft, and excessively large head.

Piece: Taurus is a troubled soldier, intent on his works and actions, but still seeks peace and calm. "Patience is a virtue" is the bread-and-butter for the Taurus. He does not need others to speak of his deeds, his actions will serve for that purpose as he does them.

Do not confuse the background with the figure ... he's not "going Sayin'" as it may seem; that's meant to be a shining edifice of Olympos behind him, connecting the piece with the story of Zeus.
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