Ganymede Picture

Behold, Ganymede. Cup bearer of the gods and Zeus's beloved.

Also behold: my crappy animu style that's been stuck with me since the fifth grade! My lack of originality or creativity! My terrible grasp on anatomy! My pitiful attempt at drawing a toga! How his pectoral looks like an elongated rectangle! How he mysteriously seems to be missing his ears! How the band I put around his head at the last minute because I thought he needed something kinda Greek-ish is inconsistent in thickness! My weird ass signature, which I came up with because I suck balls at writing in cursive! How I always draw the same skinny ass looking characters! How every goddamned male character I draw looks exactly like me, even though I never intend it to! And maybe if you look really really hard, you can spot the eraser marks where I tried drawing a nipple but erased it because it looked ridiculous! Blah blah blah.

But seriously, there are some things I like about this drawing. For example, I like what I did with the neck. But then, I'm the master of drawing skinny necks. I also sort of like the eyes, even if his forehead is taller than his entire face.

I hope you like, leave constructive comments please.
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