Selene and Endymion Picture

In greek mythology, Selene was the titan godess of the moon *the first generation of gods and godesses were titans.* She was also the grandmother of Apollo (sun god) and his female twin, Artemis (3rd generation godess of the moon, and godess of the hunt) .

Selene fell in love with a mortal, a man named Endymion, but unlike her he would not live forever so she knew if he lived out his life they could not be together. She was already witnessed this happen to her sister, Eos (godess of dawn.) So she went to her father, Zeus, and asked him for a way that she could be with Endymion. So Zeus put him into an eternal sleep, where his mind travelled to the moon with Selene and she bore him 50 children.

This sketch was drawn based on this story.

The anime, Sailor Moon, was also based on Selene and Endymion if that wasnt obvious enough.
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