Conversation between Apollo and Helios Picture

不用看孤,孤就是偏心菠蘿的,絕壁是。Was, is and will always be!
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The conversation
Helios: You stupid human beings, I am the real sun god, damn you all calling Apollo as the Sun god!
Apollo: You cannot balm humen, I am far more handsome than you!Hesiod said that my sister Artemis and I are the best looking infants of Uranos
Helios:(inside of his heart: your respons does not make sense!)
Apollo:Besides, your son were making trouble by driving your chariot. People all misunderstood him as my son, but you see, I'm still quite calm.
Helios: Don't tell me that your son has never make any trouble!
Apollo:Asclepius did! He once angered my uncle Hades, however, at last, father Zeus made him the God of medical,how about yours?
Helios: Sod off! Zeus killed my son Pheaton by his thunder bolt!Your dad was quite eccentric, because Asclepius is his grandson after all.
Apollo:No,because I am a father with the most loving heart!
Helios: (He is speechless now)
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