Hera, Queen of the Gods Picture

I've been reading up on Greek Mythology recently, and it made me want to start drawing the Gods. I started with Hera because I've had this image in my head for days, and it actually turned out exactly how I wanted it to. This is the first reference-less picture I have done that I've been truly proud of. Yays!

So Hera is the Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage and the protector of women. Sister and wife to Zeus (gotta love those Greek deities). I used the colors that I did because purple is a royal color, and the other two reminded me of colors you find on a peacock, which is an animal sacred to her that I just can't draw lol. She is also holding a golden apple of immortality from the tree that was given to her as a wedding gift.

I'm doing Aphrodite next, working on it right now. Enjoy!
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