Prometheus Picture

Prometheus, son of the TITAN Iapetus. -FULL TITLE-
Prometheus was a son of the TITAN Iapetus and one of the older Greek Gods who sided with Zeus in his fight against his father, CRONOS. His fame was due to his affection for mankind, to whom he gave fire. Zeus, the leader of the new and stronger Gods, had hidden fire away, but Prometheus stole it and brought it to earth with him. But this drew Prometheus into conflict with Zeus, who chained the rebellious TITAN to a rock and sent an eagle to eat his liver. As this organ was immortal, it grew at night as fast as the bird could consume it by day. - part of the story taken from: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Mythology, by Arthur Cotterell & Rachel Storm.
This took many hours to complete. Many different layers, and many different techniques! And the background picture was used with permission from Portraitsinblack. From Deviant Art Website.
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