Boribaby Azar bros combined Picture

Here is my complete entry for *boribaby 's contest to design Rafael's two thugs who are brothers. I wanted to make them look similar, so some of their markings are very close, but a little different.

The large, draft-type guy in the back is named Zeus (cuz he's huge lol) and the little one is named Hermes (Hermes was the messenger of Zeus in Greek mythology). The names kinda popped into my head when I was scanning and adding them together. I drew and colored them seperately and photoshopped them together, so that way I could post them seperately so you can see all the details. Anyways, the whole idea with these two is your typical henchmen thing with the small, sidekick type and the big, nasty one who does most of the beating up. Sometimes, the little guy needs to remind the big guy that he can hold his own, that's why he's nipping at him here XD

Hermes single = [link]

Zeus single = [link]

Azar breed (c)
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