Gotham Knights T.V. Series Fan Cast - M.Zeus V.1 Picture

MAXIE ZEUS [Height: 5'6", Age: 50’s-60's]: Maxie Zeus is a Gotham City crimelord who fights Batman on a regular basis. Formerly a history professor, he is mentally ill and built his persona around an obsession with Greek mythology. Because of this he is frequently incarcerated in Arkham Asylum with other lunatics. RECURRING ROLE!

KELSEY GRAMMER [Height: 6’1”, Age: 57] (Fraiser, Medium): He is a natural thespian that had jumped to mind when casting Maxie Zeus, he has an iconic voice that just fits for someone who would be delusional, something he dabbled in slightly with his Emmy Winning portrayal of Dr. Fraiser Crane. His past work has showcased how great an actor he is and how perfect he is for the role of Maxie Zeus.
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