Phaeton Picture

Oh my. I hadn't planned for my project to turn out this way... BUT I DON'T REGRET IT >w<

I'm currently in the mythology unit for school, and the class was supposed to do a drawing in any style of their assigned persons. I got Phaeton, and oh yus, not at all am I mad. I love his myth :'D Aside from the fact he died, but that doesn't matter, since Helius is now the God of the Wandering Star, the constellation Auriga, and got to ride the Chariot of Apollo. I DON'T CARE, LOOOOL

(c) I don't really know who Phaeton belongs to, so I'll just send this to respective owners. I do not own nor claim to own Phaeton. Even if he is a myth.

(c) This work BELONGS TO WANINGSILVERWOLF. Do not steal, alter, omit, trace, etc. without written permission.
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