Hercules Ready To Kick Ass Picture


" The skies turn red with Zeus's furry, they echo with blood curtiling screams of dieng soldiors along with the evil laugh of hades. The red sky cries tears of blood as the Gods wage their wars and reack havoc on the people of ancient Greece. As Zeus's anger filled lightning bolts fly throught the sky Hercules his son, waits on Mt. Olypmus, waiting 2 fight the biggest fight of his life, waiting for the one named Isokrates. If it is for good or for evil he does not know....but one thing is sure, Only one man wil come out alive...."

HAHA! all of this will be reveled this simmer 07. heheheheheh..i did this pic while listening 2 In Fates Hands by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. this took an entire 4 and ahalf hrs....heh well enjoy!!!!!
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