Disney Wedding9 Picture

Zeus holding a sloshed speech and it’s not going very well just as sloshed things rarely do.
This is a mythology joke just as the prequel was. Hera is the most jealous god-wife there is in Greek-mythology but in her defence she has reason. Zeus had children with oh so may women it’s insane. The dog. But then again greek-mythology is a bit weird if not completely off it’s head. But oh so much fun. Zeus had it on with Alcmene in the original storyline so Hera must hate her. then again I would hate Zues even more. It’s his fault after all but he’s the big chees so what’s a girl to do. Marring ones brother is never a good idea especially when they are horn-dogs. Actually never ever ever ever a good idea no mater the circumstances. I’m grossed out.

I just had to colour Hera three times, I just love her design, coodos Disney, she is beautiful.

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