ASGTHS Dark Aries 28. Cry Picture

I'm thinking of making this an actual scene, but i also noticed i could use this for the new 100 themes challenge. The theme is CRY and i watched and listened to Re_Birthday a couple of days ago and remembered that one of the lyrics had something to do with shackles on my ankles blue, surely the color of someone's tears i think. But anyway, the scene is that Aries is hypnotized by a ring (NOT ZEUS) and she got shackles of blue. (didn't want to show. Just showed the pathetic chain) she has a evil red glowing mark on her leg/thigh that says Aries in japanese/chinese. I changed her outfit to black and added stuff to make it better for a evil atmosphere. I changed her pants to a skirt in only this scene to show the mark. She had been ordered to murder someone and only cut a little into their skin due to the hypnosis not working well on her at the moment. Hence this picture. I worked hard on it and i decided to keep it blue instead of brown because i like blue on it better. Hope you like!
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