Mitologia Visceral: I. Picture

From the upcoming "Mitología Visceral" series.

Personal project I started with my friend and plastic artist, Pétalo Selser Björkman.

I: Persephone.

In Greek Mythology, Core is the daughter of Demeter and Zeus and Goddess of Spring.

Hades, the God of the Underworld, fell in love with her and went to his brother Zeus to ask her hand in marriage. Zeus feared to offend his brother Hades if he refused, and in order to to avoid disappointing Demeter, he told Hades his proposal counldn't be either accepted nor denied.

Hades, infuriated, decided to abduct Core while she was picking flowers in a meadow, and took her to the Tartarus.
Demeter, hearing of the incident, decided to descend to the land of mortals and spread a curse where no plants or trees would bloom.

Zeus asked her to undo the spell, but Demeter promised the land would be infertile as long as her daughter Core remained a prisioner in the Tartarus.

Zeus made a decision; he asked his brother to release Core since, with Demeter's spell, all was lost. To make things even, Zeus warned Demeter that Core would be released only if she hadn't tasted the fruit of the dead, which was the grenade.

Hades agreed, and hiding his irritation, he told Core, "your mother is very distressed, you are free to go." But then, one of the gardeners of Hades, Ascáfalo, swore that he had seen Core ate seven grains of the fruit of the dead and was willing to testify.

When Demeter heard about the incident, she was opposed to removing the curse that she had spread. It was then when those who were involved in this altercation were forced to forge an agreement.

Core would spend three months in the company of Hades in Tartarus, she would marry him, and from now on, be called Persephone. And Demeter, was granted the right to spend the remaining nine months of the year with her daughter.

Body art: Pétalo Selser Björkman.
Styling/Photography and PP: Mariana Di Santo. (myself)
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