Queens of Myths Picture

This is a picture of my Oc's, Cassiopeia Eri, Nyx, Erinyes Lilith, and Nike. I drew this picture because, I realize that Eri gets possessed a lot, and I decided to draw all of her her possessions on one pic. ^^

Cassiopeia Eri is a platinum saint of Cassiopeia. She appears human in the begining of the story, by in the Persephone Saga, the real Eri is a Lampades that lives in Elysion with Thanatos and Hypnos. Also known as the Chosen of Nike.

Nyx is the Goddess of Night, she took over Eri to revive her body, with her souls. She was sealed off by Zeus into Hades' Castle, and was awoken by Erebus (taken over Allen's body).

Erinyes Lilith is the body of Cassiopeia Eri when her souls are taken from by Nyx. Lilith is the locked soul deep within Eri that brings her sorrow and misfortune to draw her into the Undeworld. Lilith is neither human nor god she is an Erinyes, personification of the angry dead. She's either seen in her surplice or with nothing on at all, as seen when she awoke from Eri's body.

Nike is the Goddess of Victory. She is Eri's original incarnation, but Nyx took over Eri to prevent Nike from awakening, and from the profecy of her death [which is caused by Nike] by her. But Nike awoke part of herself in the Staff of Nike, and ask for help from Hemera and Aether. Hemera is sealed into a necklace, and Aether is sealed into a braclete, while Nike is sealed herself into the Staff. When she appears in Elysion she's like doll sized, due to the loss of power. But when Eri puts on the necklace (Hemera), and braclete (Aether) and Athena had appeared before her with the staff, Nike had appeared in her original height.

Cassiopeia Eri, Nyx, Erinyes Lilith, Nike (c) me
Saint Seiya (c) Masami Kurumada
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