Athena 'Black and White Edition' Picture

Long story on this one, so I wanted to a bunch of female pose practice pictures; at least 3 poses to 1 sheet of paper, using Athena as my subject. She was suppose be in full armor and was suppose to be be carrying her spear along with 2 other poses. That never happened. I only managed to finish 1 pose, didn't even bother illustrating her entire suit of armor or even her spear for that matter, I wasted more than a half sheet of paper when I drew her, the other half is still unused. I ended up penciling in her lineart and then practiced the shading on her face, hands, arms, legs, and feet. When I did that I ended up not wanting to cover up all of my shading in armor, so ended up just drawing her tunic, breast plate, belt, and sword and sheath. I liked her hair way too much to put a helmet over it and the shading on her face (as basic as all the shading is) came out pretty good too, and the helmet would have covered that as well. I couldn't illustrate a cloak on her because that would end up covering the shading on her shoulders, and I couldn't illustrate her shoes or her greaves because they end up covering the shading on her legs feet. Needless to say I pretty much left her as she is now.
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