Watch out, she's got a gun Picture

It's Cyclops from Mythos, OMG!!!!! *PS; mythos used to be called Immortal.*
Suprisingly, I don't have too many deviations involving this series too much, but I draw the characters A LOT. And I only had one outdated picture on here of our main female of the story, Cyclops the blacksmith. If you know my ranting on the series, it's an adaptaion of the Clash of the Titans, and instead of there being Cyclopses making weapons for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, it's a lady named Cyclops making them for Rei, Umi, and Aita, the gods' reincarntations, respectively. She's awesome. Got a lotta attitude. Maybe that's why she and always-mr-grumpy-Umi get along so well; poking fun at Aita and yelling at eachother and such. She helps them battle their twisted father, AKA king of the Titans, and has a tragic- I'm spoiling the ending!!!
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