Oh, how the tables turn Picture

Dear *13foxywolf666: I hope I didn't slaughter your face. I did my best.

We were having a conversation about her MLP:FiM headcanon and how Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis and Discord are all Zeus's bastards in her world. She draws an awesome Hera and Zeus pony, by the way. ( [link]) Hera's always portrayed as the bad guy, but really, people! Her husband is cheating on her with everything that has legs to spread. If I were her I would have SHOT him, to hell with his immortality. He had an affair with their OTHER sister! Seriously, give the woman credit for pretty much outstanding self-control. Sure, she's a royal immortal bitch to just about every one of Zeus's kids (including her own) but with THAT dude as a husband, who can blame her? I doubt Zeus lets her have her way with whoever she wants, like he does every three hours. ([link] and [link]) To quote ~JangoFett1138's immortal words: "Zeus-Greek mythology's greatest fuck-up."

I would totally take Hera out clubbing. The gal deserves it. This reminded me of how Diana said she'd like to have drinks with Caesar Flickerman. (For full context, here: [link]) So, I thought the three of us out to take Hera to a bar. Of course Zeus wanted to know why he wasn't invited, but Hera IS a bit of a bitch, and thus she's showing off her rebellious streak here. My shirt says "What you see is what you ain't NEVER gonna get." Based off a keychain I saw at Cape Cod. I'd be terrified to have Mr. Grabby-Pants near me.

Follow up: Zeus marches Hera off the the back and has a talk with her. By talk I mean lots of yelling and cursing. And Hera decides she's going to do everything in her power to spite him.

Cue the follow-up. [link]

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