Helen and Clytemnestra Picture

This is Helen of Troy and her twin sister, Clytemnestra. Everyone knows about Helen, but her twin is less famous... the only time she's really mentioned is after the Trojan war when she chopped off the head of her husband, King Agamemnon of Argos, with a double bladed axe. While he was in the bath... yup.

I find Clytemnestra to be very interesting as a character- the twin sister of the "most beautiful woman in the world", can you imagine? In Greek mythology, the twins mother, Queen Leda of Sparta got it on with both her husband and Zeus (in the shape of a swan, no less) in the same day, and Helen was the daughter of Zeus while Clytemnestra was King Tyndareus' child.

Anyways, I picture Helen as having very pale, maybe white or silvery hair (her father WAS in the shape of a swan at the time of her conception, after all. Which leads to a can of worms that I'm not touching with 10 foot pole) while her sister is the more traditional dark Grecian beauty.
Also if I were in Clytemnestra's shoes I'd be tempted to take a swing with that bitchin axe at my sisters floozy neck, lol...
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