Hera - Juno Picture

here is the 1st of the series of 3 greek goddesses. the first one i did. i was inspired by an issue of 10th muse when zeus whas being bitchy towards hera. i came up with a story (of sorts) - what if hera had enough and struck back? naturally, i had to come up with images to go with it. doing headshots are my way of hashing out what they're supposed to look like. i almost always start out with a headshot before i draw the whole figure.

the hair was a bit of a challenge since there's more texture to it than the other 2 figures. it's the reason i vectorized it last. it was more time consuming. i think i managed to pull it off though. vectorizing may be really clean, but depending on the design, it might be a bit too time consuming.

since she is queen, i decided to show the version with clothing.

drawn: 2/9/02
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