Thalassa Queen of neptune Picture

This is Thalassa Queen of neptune: her name meaning In Greek mythology, Thalassa (Θάλασσα "sea") was a primordial sea goddess, daughter of Aether and Hemera. With Pontus, she was the mother of the nine Telchines and Halia. Sometimes, she was thought of as the mother of Aphrodite with Uranus or with Zeus. She was the personification of the Mediterranean Sea.
Alternative names are Thalatta and Thalath. it is also one of neptunes moons.

Her look:long blue green dress, very flowy, with pears under her breasts, at the top of the dress and lining the straps, at the stomach the dress is pulled in and has a large shining pearl at the middle, the entire dress is covered in a watery light blue lace, on the back is a little ribbon bow and long ribbons flowing down. Her hairs is just as wavy and the same color has her daughters, she just pulled it up and holds in many little blue pearls and her large blue gem crown, that drops down to her forhead, her necklace has a pendent like her daugters, but is larger and has neptunes symbol on it, and is attached to a pearl choker rather then a ribbon choker. her wings are blue and very flowy.

She is the 9th Queen of the Past Planet Queens

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