ATC WIP - Prometheus Picture

My first ATC, after the initial lines, before the color. What's an ATC, you ask? As this is the incomplete version of this card, it obviously won't be up for trade. You can see the completed version here.

I'm very proud of this first one. The symbolism turned out well. Since I had the forethought to save the uncolored lines, I may try something with printing them and hand-coloring using different colors for mood/theme. I dunno.

-The hand of Prometheus, bearing the sacred flame he gave to mankind
-The eagle Ethon that ate his liver each day, and the shackles that bound him to the Caucasus
-The thunderbolt of Zeus
-The men that Prometheus created from the mud and clay of the earth
-The mountain to which he was bound, also a pyramid shape symbolic of the age of enlightment Man entered after receiving the sacred flame
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